Go match records with people in meatspace





Works in Linux with the Sun JVM and a short script. Well worth the €9.99 (~$13.50) €14.99, now that it's in beta.

Pics you'll find on Google. But why look at images when you can play it yourself? Seeing a tutorial or two (now on the main Web site) is recommended tho'.

I'm working on setting up a Minecraft server. Details forthcoming!

Settlers of Catan

Catan's great. I haven't explored the add-ons yet, though.


A fast-paced tile placement game.


More of an intimation of a hint of an inkling of an urge to to learn to play than any concrete desire yet. Anyone up for it?


O Canasta, game of my peoples. (Well, my family, anyway.)


The magical quest game. Is this the one that will get SidheRa into boardgaming? Only time will tell.


This PS2 title is meh in the series, but is strongly evocative of FF: Tactics. The license grid is interesting if you use it strategically rather than just for building tiny gods. So I'm playing it through using a modified version of the Strict Classes FAQ. In short, I'm using dual-classes (a la FFT), but adhering to Item restriction otherwise. Equipment and abilities are the superset of each class's list, but the intrinsics are restricted to only the common elements of each. It makes it easier, but not by much.

My characters:

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