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Rogue server

Currently playing on a friend's rogue server. Another friend with serious ambition has joined...I've got myself a nice beach house, but he has really turned up the mining a notch, found a mushroom biome, & constructed a fortess of evil (with lava falls and everything!).

Oh, and unleashed a wither on our map. :-D

The view so far of my little home, which I call Walden Pond:

Walden Pond

My next project, after I finish a basic peristyle, is this monstrosity (137m long by 69m wide and 18m high, with more than 127 columns):

Artemesion of Ephesus Artemesion Elevation

Here's how it's coming along:

Artemesion Construction

Steve's Prime Save

Old! I haven't loaded this file, 2011? The filename is still World1. Wow. Loaded it with Minecraft 1.5.1 after lifting it off the old Minecraft box. World conversion proved...interesting. All my chests got rotated 90 degrees!


Screenshots & Maps: forthcoming


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