Calefaction Wiki

The Calefaction wiki is about carrying the torch for your personal goals, even as you're carrying the burning cauldron of your obligations. The following guidelines for editing this wiki are in place:

  1. Edit for usefulness. If you can add something of value, take action! You must log in to identify yourself when making changes. Email the maintainer to create an account!

  2. Tread with care. Play in the WikiSandBox or get HelpOnEditing if you're unfamiliar with how to edit, or read HelpForBeginners if you're new to wikis in general. A good place to start would be to create your homepage after registering.

  3. Respect others' work by building on it, or engaging in discussion first if fundamental changes are required. Ways to do this include explaining your suggestions in the body of the page, or if the discussion is more involved, creating a /Discussion subpage.

Above all else: edit how you will, an ye harm none.

This wiki has the following abilities above and beyond the standard MoinMoin featureset:

The logo is the Knight of Cups, from Luis Royo's excellent Labyrinth Tarot.

The maintainer of this wiki is SteveKillen, a proud member of HCoop, the first Internet hosting cooperative.

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