Homebrew D&D material

Epic Destinies

Mad Visionary
Requirement: 21st level, Divine Oracle

Blind Visionary (
21st Level): Your Wisdom increases by 4. You learn a number of divination rituals of your level or lower equal to your Intelligence modifier. You are blind.
Ritual Sight, Peripheral Madness (24th Level): Gain blindsight 20. No component cost is incurred for performing divination rituals. On a critical miss with an encounter power, you lose that power for the rest of the day.
Utility 26th Level: Stunning Foreknowledge [Encounter, Immediate Interrupt, Personal, Trigger]: Another creature within 20sq takes an action. Effect: Take 1 action of your choice.
Maddening Light of Truth (30th Level): +10 bonus to divination rituals. When attempting to use a daily power you must succeed on a saving throw or end up using an At-Will power instead [at will-power gains +2 to Att]; if the saving throw is failed and the action taken to use the power is not a standard action, the action fails.

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