I am a Marylander, so I made a handy sheet of paper to give to folks who need help getting registered or finding information for MD polls. It has a QR code for ease of accessing Maryland's excellent voter registration system, and a list of bitlys for those who are working from a computer.

Here is a printable version, and I do stand by my word--you need a stamp for your registration, you got it. If you want to edit it for your purposes, here's the ODT document.

I'm volunteering in NC-02 in the days before the actual election. I found it by going to Swing Left. My adoptive state (and my son's place of birth) is a test ground for nascent fascism; the GOP has the legislature in a supermajority stranglehold, and is attempting to strip the democratically-elected governor of significant power. There's still time to organize. Don't give up the fight.

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