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 . [[Podcasts]]

Being the wiki home of Steve Killen,


A place to collaborate in an arbitrary number of projects.

Greetings and welcome! I invite you to participate to whatever extent you feel comfortable in this experiment of mine. The About page will tell you what's going on, including how to edit.

-- SteveKillen

Admin to-do (requests taken here!)

  • Style footnotes
  • Linking to "tel:" URIs doesn't work. I think this could be fixed by changing the value of url_schemas, as described in HelpOnConfiguration

    • This appears to be a prt of the global wiki config; it must wait until the moinmoin upgrade (when we get squeeze), unless you feel a genuine urgency about it.
  • Can someone make a favicon? Here's a first attempt: BtTempleton/CalefactionFavicon.png

  • Fix your logo css -- ClintonEbadi

    • Inserting manual newlines to avoid covering page content with the logo is a sign of bad style ;) If you want to keep the logo floating into the content area you have a few options... (installing firebug makes it pretty easy to mess around with the css in the browser with immediate effect welcome to the future).

    • Add clear: left to either #page or #content. #page is uglier: the page border also moves below the logo. In either case there is some whitespace to the right of the logo.

    • Add clear: left to at least div.contents. This would solve the immediate issue of obscured TOC lines, but then what about e.g. the horizontal rule below a heading and other cases?

    • Add clear: left to #content div. I'm not sure what the overall effect of that would be, but it would make most things that need to clear around the image do so.

    • Another suggestion: Move the logo (and search box?) into the sidebar, something like CommunityWiki's layout.


  • Intertwingled Hypertexts, concerning the use of subpages versus free links (summary: use both in moderation, thinking about how the wiki's structure will best benefit from your choice)

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