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  1. __De Bello Gallico__ Julius Caesar (tr. W. A. MACDEVITT 1915)
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 * {o) The New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander)
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 * {o} Pride & Prejudice  * {*} Pride & Prejudice

Steve Killen

Hi, I'm a nerd. :) I write, and sometimes I publish those writings on my blog, Pursuing Calefaction. More often I'll write trivia here. I brew (award-winning!) beer on my stove and also with my friends; details are on the HomeBrewing section of the wiki. Also an elected member of the HCoop Board of Directors.

A moment of shame: sidhe-Rog-Orc-Fem-Cha died in the Dungeons of Doom on level 1. Killed by a carnivorous bag.

This forum post is how I got our Brother HL 2240 laserjet printer working in Linux.

Email: <steven.f.killen AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Phone: 919.949.6966

Resume: Resume-2012.doc

Things I need to do

  • Fix my wiki

    • Style?
  • finish editing Winterswatch so I can publish it

Goals for 2015

  • {o} Finish MAT

  • {o} Find teaching work in MD

  • {o} build a TINY HOUSE

  • {o} Write 50 letters to people

    • January: 4
  • {o} Write 1 novel OR 3 short stories

  • {o} Read/listen to 50 books

    1. Augustus Anthony Everitt

    2. De Profundis Oscar Wilde

    3. The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

    4. The Common People of Ancient Rome Frank Frost Abbott

    5. De Bello Gallico Julius Caesar (tr. W. A. MACDEVITT 1915)

    6. The Source James Michener


Suggestions for the Reading Stack

  • {o) The New Jim Crow (Michelle Alexander)
  • {o} Death on a Friday Afternooon (Neuhaus)

  • {*} Pride & Prejudice

  • {o} Jennifer Government

  • {o} Gods Behaving Badly (Phillips)

  • {o} Alcestis (Beutner)

  • {o} John McWhorter -- Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold Story of English, Language Interrupted: Signs of Non-Native Acquisition in Standard Language Grammars

Projects on the back burner

Crazy ideas I come up with

  • A frisk (or whatever) board display server with a handheld API that hooks up to a projector suspended over a table surface!
  • An Appalachian Trail wiki (really? Nobody's thought to do this yet?) Well, there's http://www.walkipedia.org/. But the guy's just sitting on it for now, apparently.

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