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  . Status: 5 letters written. Correspondences begun with Rob, Tim, Vanessa, Yi   . Status: 6 letters written. Correspondences begun with Rob, Tim, Vanessa, Yi

Steve Killen

Hi, I'm a nerd. :) I write, and sometimes I publish those writings on my blog, Pursuing Calefaction. More often I'll write trivia here. I brew beer with my friends; details are on the HomeBrewing section of the wiki.

A moment of shame: sidhe-Rog-Orc-Fem-Cha died in the Dungeons of Doom on level 1. Killed by a carnivorous bag.

My /Chores. (No, you don't get to see them. They're boring.)

My Car.

This forum post is how I got our Brother HL 2240 laserjet printer working in Linux.

My /Writing prompts. Feel free to add!

I last bit my fingernails on Nov 12th, 2008. (That's right, I haven't bitten my nails in three years.)

Email: <steven.f.killen AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Twitter: elvestinkle

Phone: 919.949.6966

Resume: Resume-2011.doc

Things I need to do

  • Fix my wiki

    • Design a more comprehensive security policy
    • Upgrade to 1.8 (9?) -- and detail steps taken for HCoop users
  • finish editing Winterswatch so I can publish it

  • Recover data from a stack of old hard drives

  • Consolidate my data so that most of it is accessible to me via HCoop

    • Then set up afsclient on my machines
    • maybe write an easy script to install on new computers
  • Reseal my hiking boots (Shoe Goo: $7, or that boot place that ClintonEbadi used)

  • Start looking for teaching jobs
    • Build up my resume -- doing what?
  • Install http://www.status.net/ for calefaction.org

    • integrate status.net and the wiki
  • Update WordPress to 3.0 on calefaction.org

Goals for 2012

  • {o} write, edit, and submit one novel OR three short stories

    • Status: Fragments of a short story
  • {o} read 25 new books

    1. Captain's Fury, Jim Butcher

    2. (Reading) Orthodoxy, GK Chesterton

    3. (Reading) Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

  • {o} brew 12 distinct styles of beer on my stove

    1. {*} English Special/Best Bitter (Danstar Windsor) [Status: drinking]

    2. {*} Gluten-free Sorghum (Danstar Nottingham) [Status: drinking]

    3. {*} American IPA (reusing Nottingham) [Status: bottle-conditioning]

    4. {o} Hefeweizen (Danstar Munich) [Status: primary fermentation]

    5. {o} Dunkelweizen (reusing Munich) [Status: planning]

    6. {o} Table-strength Saison (T-58)

    7. {o} Belgian Pale Ale (reusing T-58)

    8. {o} Hard Root Beer Brown Ale (Wyeast London Ale)

    9. {o} Pepper Porter (reusing London Ale)

    10. {o} Bourbon-Oaked Oatmeal Extra Stout (reusing London Ale)

    11. {o} Smokey Amber (Wyeast Irish Ale)

    12. {o} Scotch Ale (reusing Irish Ale)

  • {o} find paying work in the teaching/tutoring field

    • Status: nil
  • {o} volunteer 50 hours in the local community

    • Status: nil
  • {o} write 50 letters (actual, printed and/or hand-written correspondence)

    • Status: 6 letters written. Correspondences begun with Rob, Tim, Vanessa, Yi

Suggestions for the Reading Stack

  • {o} Death on a Friday Afternooon (Neuhaus)

  • {o} Pride & Prejudice

  • {o} Jennifer Government

  • {o} Gods Behaving Badly (Phillips)

  • {o} Alcestis (Beutner)

Projects on the back burner

Crazy ideas I come up with

  • A frisk (or whatever) board display server with a handheld API that hooks up to a projector suspended over a table surface!
  • An Appalachian Trail wiki (really? Nobody's thought to do this yet?) Well, there's http://www.walkipedia.org/. But the guy's just sitting on it for now, apparently.

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