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   * {o} Work on GuileElisp -- compatibility, optimization    * {*} Work on GuileElisp -- compatibility, optimization

Quick links:

Spring 2011 projects

  • {*} School: GPA > 3

    • {*} Apply to UNC

    • {*} Get advice on what to major in and how to get involved in research work

    • GPA: 2.857 (cumulative: 2.900)
    • {*} GRK: B- (final exam grade: 95%)

    • {*} MA: A

    • {*} PHI: B-

    • {*} PY: C

  • FreeSoftware

  • Esperanto
    • {*} Retake Lernu's basic tests. Mi ne estos eterna komencanto! :)

      • Passed the Esperanto culture exam. Haven't yet passed the first Esperanto language exam :-/
    • {o} Attend at least one EsTri meeting

    • {o} Package the Reta Vortaro for Debian

  • Personal/Miscellaneous
    • {o} Come out as GenderQueer

    • {*} Visit Rachel during spring break

    • {*} Visit Rachel after exams

    • {o} Write one letter to Rachel per week when apart

    • {o} Exercise three times per week (not including commute)

    • :-) Practice piano once per week (W07, W16)

    • {o} Brew beer again before summer

    • {o} Finish a small design project by June

    • {*} Start a journal

    • :-( Floss daily

    • :-) No nail-biting

    • :-) Be punctual

    • :-) Sleep eight hours every night

    • {o} Call LionKimbro

  • House
    • {*} WallBed planning

    • {o} Acquire foam for Saarinen chair cushion

    • {*} More wall decorations

  • Computing
    • {o} Backups!

    • {o} Publish more stuff (wikiwiki, software, weblogging)

    • {*} Publish Greek notes and study resources


This page has quite a bit of overlap with my Org file. That's more for school assignments, appointments, errands, etc. but some sort of integration would be nice. Also, several of "projects" are more like habits I wish to cultivate than discrete actions, and Org-Mode has a "habits" module that would be useful for tracking them

"<cerebral_monkey> bipt: There's a really good book by Martine Batchelor called Meditation for Life, and her husband wrote a book called Buddhism without Religion that is great as well. That is how I delved deeper into it"

Greek reading suggestion: NT Greek. It's koine, a simpler (and later) dialect that you already have a good deal of grammar for. Best book to start with is Mark. You might also consider (and I would be more than happy to read with you, as I have a Greek/Italian pony of it) Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, a similarly late text. --SteveKillen


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